Eve For Snakes

Jun 25

We agree, Secretary themed fashion show is #puregenius. We also like that it was a lady designer who did it. 

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Jun 25

Proenza Schouler Presents “Snowballs” by Harmony Korine (by proenzaschoulerny)

Jun 27

“The Substitutes” features Dean and Dan Caten together. I’m also a fan of The Clapping Song” by Shirley Ellis and anything that involves men in heels, women walking with books on their heads, and ruler slaps! THE SUBSTITUTE: DSQUARED² FALL/WINTER 2012/13 (by dsquared2channel)

Jun 29

Love her style. And the bit about why she wears heels and likes to be able to see over her computer. Elle Dee Closet Interview for StyleLikeU (by StyleLikeU)

Jul 10

The Looks Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama - The Looks. And a quote from Yayoi Kusama re: Hirst’s dots: “The Japanese artist, who has been painting spots since before Hirst was born, told reporters, ‘I have done all the work myself, not assistants. That’s why I’m in a wheelchair. I’ve been doing it physically — it’s hard labour — throughout my life.’” I do so enjoy Kusama’s dots! And Hirst sucks. That is all!